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Energy Leadership Assessment

Diane Carazas was the AITP DC chapter meeting speaker on June 10.   

She contacted the board and offered the following Energy Leadership Assessment to AITP members and interested persons at significant cost savings.   You may contact Diane directly

I would love to offer anyone from your group an Energy Leadership Assessment at a discounted rate.  The assessment would only take 20 minutes to take on line and then I would prepare their results and we would have a 60 minute session over the phone or in person to go over the results.

The normal current market rate for this assessment is $450.  I could offer this assessment to anyone interested for $250 anytime between July 16-26.  Each participant would receive a report and a 60 minute coaching session describing the details of the report.  

Thanks for your interest and please encourage anyone who is interested to contact me directly

I could offer the opportunity for anyone from July 16-26. Please have anyone who is interested to write to me directly.



Diane Carazas

Partner, Leadership Coach

Innovation Partners International

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.