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Report of Members only Meeting held August 5, 2015

Dear DC Chapter Member,

This is a report of the Members only meeting

Our member only dinner was held on August 5th with some success.  Of the 33 invitations that were sent out, almost 50% opened the email.   Five members showed up ready to respond to the call.  Two others offered to help; one as a speaker at a future meeting. 

 The meeting started with a moment of silence remembering Former President Chuck Lowe who passed in December 2014.

National AITP HQ now  awards longevity pins to long term members.  We presented pins to Jack Roof (45 yrs), Richard Fidler (30 yrs), Tom Kohler ( 5yrs), Pete Petry (5 yrs) for years of membership.

Our first order of business was to decide to hold a September 10 meeting. 

  Pete Petry, a longtime member and a previous speaker at meetings volunteered to speak to us about current Health Care individual medical records.  Our next order of business was to reduce the number of meetings to six instead of twelve.  We realize that people are very busy with their work and family commitments and coming to a monthly dinner meeting may not be a high priority.  We will try bi-monthly dinner meetings on a trial basis.

A major concern is the low attendance at the dinner meetings. This prompted the decision to lower the number of meetings.  The thought was to improve the events with better topics that are publicized a month longer. 

In 2008 we had 62 members; our current membership count is 27.  We discussed why our count is down.  A number of factors were considered and it was felt that member retention follow up was a problem.   We need to focus on promoting new members and retaining current members at the chapter level.  The final decision of the meeting is to survey the membership and the non-members that we invite to our meetings. When you are asked to give your opinion please respond promptly.   Based on the results of the survey, we will plan the future of the DC chapter.

 We still need a few more volunteers to share the work load.  We always need ideas for speaker/topics that will aid the professional growth of our members.  Specifically, we need communications help with the web site and social accounts; member retention and promotion, and meeting welcome and registration.   Rejuvenation is the theme for the chapter.  The meeting adjourned with a hopeful view of the chapter’s future.

See you at the September 10 Meeting and bring a friend.


Jack Roof, Acting President 202.549.0563

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.