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May 9, 2013 Hypervisors

Our esteemed Executive VP and Web Master will talk about the current status of hypervisors.  He has spoken to our chapter many times since he was a student chapter member of AITP.  Please join us and welcome Bernard Igiri as our speaker this month.

Software virtualization has been a major topic in the enterprise space for quite some time, but has become an important technology for embedded systems only in the last few years.

A hypervisor provides a software virtualization environment in which other software, including operating systems, can run with the appearance of full access to the underlying system hardware, but in fact such access is under the complete control of the hypervisor. The software running in such a hypervisor managed environment is said to be executing within a virtual machine (VM). Multiple VMs may be managed simultaneously by a hypervisor.

A use case for an embedded hypervisor is System security. An embedded hypervisor is able to provide secure encapsulation for any subsystem defined by the developer, so that a compromised subsystem cannot interfere with other subsystems. For example, an encryption subsystem needs to be strongly shielded from attack to prevent leaking the information the encryption is supposed to protect. As the embedded hypervisor can encapsulate a subsystem in a VM, it can then enforce the required security policies for communication to and from that subsystem. (adapted from Wikipedia)


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April 11, 2013 Social Entrepreneurship & Building Tribal Connections

Most of IT professionals already know the "backbone structure" for a successful corporate/entrepreneur outreach to their "tribe":

1) Build a "tribe" using Opt-In forms, placed strategically on dedicated landing pages throughout the website, and carefully crafting SEO terms best suited to entice readers,

2) Follow-up with new tribe members as they join, and continue feeding them "loaves and fishes" by providing valuable free content via blogs and webpages, and

3) Use the Opt-In list to send emails to the "tribe," alerting them to latest postings and other relevant-to-them information.

Our guest speaker will give IT professionals the opportunity to go beyond this standard approach, mapping content categories to client groups in a structured manner that will lead to greater loyalty, sales, and growth. This unique approach capitalizes on Dr. Maren's years of leadership in knowledge discovery and ontology/taxonomy research, as well as her practical, day-to-day implementation of these methods as a newly-emerged solo small business entrepreneur.


After hearing our speaker, Dr. Maren, you will be able to:

1) Help your clients identify their optimal sets of diverse clients, each with a distinct representative "persona," and an associated Opt-In list.

2) Identify the driving needs and interests of each client-set ("persona") that will bring them to YOUR (or YOUR CLIENT's) site, services, and products

3) Translate those needs into KEY CATEGORIES that you can use to organize and manage client's content (both static and blog)

4) Develop a MAPPING from client-sets ("personas") to content-sets ("categories")

5) Manage the overall process for loyalty-building, more accurate product/service positioning, and upsells.

In short, you'll be MASTER of a new set of methods that will directly impact your (or your client's) bottom line.


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There will be no March meeting

The next AITP meeting will be in April.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Happy Easter.

February 14, 2013 Dinner Meeting So You Want To Be A CIO

So You Want To Be A CIO

Because this month is our annual "bring a friend" meeting we have a very special topic and a very special dinner selection including wine. See below.

This promises to be one of the most interesting presentations we've had in a long time. Please come on out for an evening of good food and company and learn something. Potential members and guests are welcome at our monthly meetings. Come and network with your IT peers. Invite your friends and make your reservations early.

This month's speaker is Bruce Brizendine. Bruce will tell us what is a CIO and why would you aspire to be one? Bruce will share his experiences as a senior level executive working to improve the flow of information needed by the organization to be a viable entity. The CIO position has ever evolving responsibilities in the areas of: Strategy & Planning, Control, Service, Risk Management, Business Process, Strategic IT Initiatives, Enterprise Infrastructure and Applications. In some cases, a separate CTO position may be necessary.

Bruce has an interesting avocation: he is licensed to perform weddings. He will also share these experiences with us and may attempt to tie these together. After all it is Valentine’s Day!

SPECIAL DINNER: To lure you out to this meeting, in addition to our usual menu we also have the restaurant's "surf and turf" (3 scampi and a filet mignon) and house wine---all at no increase in price. The last time we did this we had one of our largest turnouts ever, so be sure to make it to this meeting. Potential members and guests are welcome at our monthly meetings.  Come and network with your IT peers.   Invite your friends and make your reservations early.

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January 10, 2013 Dinner Meeting

January 10, 2013 Dinner Meeting

Come join us for our first Chapter meeting of 2013.
This will be a social networking meeting with no regularly scheduled speaker. This is in lieu of our annual pre-holiday event. A post New Year event will kick off 2013.

Bring your ideas for topics that will help plan our educational program. Management, technical, training, and innovative IT projects and methods are good categories.

Bring a coworker or friend with you to introduce to our group.

Also bring cans or packaged food that will be donated to the poor.

The election of 2013 officers will also be on the agenda.

Our speakers from 2012 will specifically be invited.

If you received complementary dinner vouchers in the past this would be a great time to use them.

Chuck Lowe
AITP DC Chapter President

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