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August, 9th 2012 Dinner Meeting: How to Recession-Proof Your Career

How to Recession-Proof Your Career

Geared to the IT professional: we will talk about strategies for landing a job in a tough economy and improving their marketability to ensure ongoing career success. They’ll also learn how to stay motivated and productive on the job, as well as strategies for becoming an indispensable asset to their employers

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July, 12th 2012 Dinner Meeting Multi-Factor and other approaches to security authentication

Multi-Factor and other approaches to security authentication

What are the major issues related to providing a sound security authentication policy (such as cost, convenience, reliability).  How can we drive user adoption, acceptance, support?  What technologies are available to implement sound security practices (or to circumvent them)?  What is the science behind these technologies; What are the trends foreseen in the future; And how can you apply these resources as efficiently as possible?  Come visit us for the evening, enjoy a good meal, collaborate with your peers and listen to John address these and related issues.

Download this file (NewTech-Passfaces_NFCU4.ppsx)NewTech-Passfaces_NFCU4.ppsx[Presentation Power Point]5997 Kb

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June 21, 2012 Joint DC/Balto Chapter Mtg

Technology-based learning: What will the future bring?

We are on the threshold of a vast change in providing education. The pedagogical model of past centuries is being overtaken by new methods of learning. Information technology (IT) is what makes all this possible.
But what effect will IT have on the future of education in our schools?
What will be the role of the teacher?
We have tele-commuting; will we also have tele-learning?
Will each student have an individual program of learning specifically designed for him or her?
These questions and others will be addressed by our speaker, Dr Judy Flood, who will describe where education is now, where it is going and the implications of these changes.

We are sure you will find this to be one of the most thought-provoking presentations you have attended in a long time. Invite your friends and coworkers and make your reservation early.

Potential members and guests are welcome at our monthly meetings.  Come and network with your IT peers.   Invite your friends and make your reservations early.


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May 10, 2012 Monthly Meeting

Security Analysis and Integration

Most organizations address risk in isolation. Examples include IT systems risks; physical risks, such as gates and guards; and human resources risks, such as bad performance reviews. The organizations do not integrate these risks to find patterns of behavior indicative of potential threats. Furthermore, they spend a great deal of time and money working only one problem at a time. Great IT security won't protect a company from a deep insider with access, and great hiring practices won't protect from penetration of a facility.

With a comprehensive approach to security, in which patterns of data are examined using sophisticated predictive analytical tools, threat deterrence can be much more effective and costs will be reduced significantly.

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April 12, 2012 Monthly Meeting

StreetWise Partners' Career Ventures Program - Helping Motivated, Low-Income Individuals Break the Cycle of Poverty and Build Sustainable Careers

Lauren will share information about StreetWise Partners' unique career development program which helps low-income individuals overcome employment barriers, obtain better jobs, and achieve economic self-sufficiency.  Lauren will highlight the program's success and impact in the Washington, DC region and, if possible, will bring a program trainee or graduate working in (or interested in working in) the IT field to share their experience.  Lauren will also present information on volunteer opportunities, including opportunities to be a computer teaching assistant, participate in speed networking events, perform a resume review or mock interview, or become a mentor.

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